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Solutions For Supplementing Your Finicky Pet

By Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D

Start with a small amount and slowly increase to avoid surprising their delicate palates.
Take one day off and try again after they strenuously refused or had a bad food experience.
Pretend it is a treat. Do not make a face or say you are sorry to have to supplement them.
Mix supplements well into whatever food, carrier, or flavor enhancer you choose.

Dogs and Cats:

Mix supplements well into Azmira canned food.
Add canned food to dry kibble with or without warm water.
Make 'gravy' from raw egg, yogurt, cottage cheese, apple sauce, baby food, ground cooked turkey, chicken, hamburger.
Use salt-free chicken or beef broth and rehydrated Azmira treats such as Liver Slivers, Kidney Bits or Beef Patties.
Consider using tuna water or sardine can oil for finicky cats.
MIx powders with 1/8 tsp. honey, make a ball and feed.
Use a feeding syringe with an attachment to give liquids mixed into apple, peach, or grape juice. Avoid acidic juices. Vegetable juices such as carrot and parsnip also work well.
Use plain bread, or with peanut butter or cream cheese.
Place drops of extracts on treats or inside open cookies.
Place liquids or powders in an empty 00 gelatin capsule.
Hide capsules in cream cheese, hot dog, or peanut butter
Wrap capsule in cheese, liverwurst or natural deli meats.
Sprinkle food with Flavor Shak'R, tuna flakes, or treats.

Make bran mash, adding liquid and powders with water.
Roll powders in honey or peanut butter, place on tongue.
Use feeding syringe (with attachment) and apple juice.
Place extracts on treats or a handful of rolled oats.

Use feeding syringe (with attachment) and apple juice.
Sprinkle extracts and powders on treats or in seed cup

This information is COPYRIGHT of DR. LISA NEWMAN, 1985-2005

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