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Changing Seasons and What They Mean For Your Pet.

by Lisa Newman, Ph.D

Each cycle that the seasons take can have tremendous effect on your pets as well as consequences for you. Not only issues such as pest problems and allergies but such problems as thunder storm fears or seasonal depression. I will go through each season and highlight the most common (and some not so common) problems that face our companion pets and the many wonderful Azmira products available to help you manage.


As the leaves fall, rains come and the air cools, it becomes a time of dampness which can trigger an outbreak of leaf mold and mold allergies. Symptoms include excessive licking of the paws and the best way to fight it is to wipe off the paws as pets come inside and provide a dose of AlleríG Free and Yucca Intensive.

Arthritis begins to creep up on older dogs and weekend hikes through the woods can not only leave them sore but exposed to deer ticks and tick fever. Flexi Drops helps the soreness while an increase in Super C 2000 and the use of Blood & Lymph DíTox helps prevent toxins and bacteria from weakening your pet.

As the coat becomes thicker, additional grooming is important and a good bathing with Organic Shampoo followed by Organic Conditioner will leave the pet ready for the cold days ahead.


ñ Cold, dry air and heaters in the house can cause nasal problems. Bleeding can even occur as the sinuses dry up. It is important to run a humidifier and use DíToxifier daily to keep them functioning well. DíToxifier will also help clear any toxic effects of environmental issues such as rock salt in the driveways which the pets can lick off their paws.

Seasonal depression can creep up on our pets as walks and sunshine become few and far between. R&R Essence benefits their moods and can even be used daily in their water dish to lift their spirits. For really bad cases try supplementing with B-Complex-50. Dry coats and flaky skin can be helped with the addition of MegaOmega-3 in their diet. Winter also means stiff joints, as arthritis sets in. Yucca Intensive, Flexi drops and Joint Eízer brings relief and prevents the deterioration of joints.


It's when the pests thrive! Flea and tick season gets going and an application of Para*Clear food-grade diatomaceous earth (pool-grade can kill your pets and kids!) around the house and yard works great to kill these buggers off! If flea or tick bites occur then use Rejuva Spray to soothe the sting. Topical use of Organic Neem Dip and Spray fights off these pest, flies and mosquitoes which can bring heartworm. To prevent internal infestation, which can be deadly,use a bottle or two of Giardia & Parasitic DíTox to prevent heartworm from developing.

Herbal Wormer is an intestinal cleanser which is good for eliminating round worms, pin worms, whip worms and tape worms and is best used with a fasting protocol followed by another two week/daily dosing of DíToxifier.

Itís also time to shed out your petís winter coat so brush with a shedding tool followed by Organic Shampoo & Conditioner for the beginnings of a sleek summer coat.


Summer can bring faster growing toenails. A great way to trim is with a small rotary hobby-type sander, rather than nail clippers (which can be uncomfortable to some dogs). Most dogs will not fight this quiet tool and it goes much quicker than clipping. As with clippers, be careful not to grind down to the quik. Keeping nails trimmed and off the ground prevents painful arthritic toes and feet.

DO NOT SHAVE YOUR PETS! Many do this thinking that it must be hot under all that fur when in fact longer coats actually protect the body from overheating! They contain a inner coat which keeps the skin cool. If you remove the top coat then the inner coat becomes exposed to absorbing the heat and the pet overheats. Never leave your pet alone in the car where it can bake like an oven and kill.

Beware of how hot the pavement is for your petís feet. Only take walks early mornings or evenings. A great was to test is to put your hand down on the payment and count to ten. If itís too hot for your hand ñ itís too hot for your petís pads! Apply Rejuva Gel to cracked and burned paws. Buy booties if you must go out when itís hot and use pet or childrenís sunscreen on light-colored noses and around the face of those with short coats or recently razored area (for stitches, wound care, etc.).

Fireworks and thunder storms can cause enormous fear (and pain from over-reacting, jumping over walls, through windows, etc.) to your pet. Use Azmiraís Fear Remedy to change their understanding of the events and Calm & Relax to physically reduce their stress and over-reactions.

Summertime is also vacation time! When traveling with your pets use R&R Essence during the trip to keep your pet focused and Fear if needed. DíToxifier is a great way to sooth motion sickness. When leaving a pet behind with a sitter, have them use Abandonment daily in the petís water dish to reduce its anxiety and the likelihood of physical symptoms of worry and stress from making your pet sick.

With just a few adjustments and relying on Azmiraís proven products, your petís should enjoy the changing of the seasons as much as you do!

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