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Herbs vs Homeopathics: What's the Difference?

by Lisa S. Newman, PhD.

Herbs & Homeopathy are two vastly different healing approaches that can be used successfully together to produce a more thorough healing response.

Herbs are derived from plants, some trees, but usually plants. The entire plant can be used or only certain parts (roots, leaves, flowers, bark, oils). Herbs work by providing certain nutrients that alter the way the body responds to an imbalance or providing nutrients that alter the internal environment (such as inhibiting bacteria from replicating by altering the pH).

Homeopathy is a system of healing based on the Principles of Similars which is "like cures like". What this means is that you take something that in its normal state causes symptoms (say bee venom which causes red, raised, painful, swollen bumps, & possibly anaphylactic shock) and through dilution & succussion reduce it to its energetic/molecular state (dilution is so extreme that nothing of the original substance remains detectable, even through microscopic analysis: Succusion is a specific method of movement; each remedy goes through this alternating dilution & succession for a certain number of times- 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, etc to produce remedies of differing potencies, with each level of potencies responding to ever deeper levels in the body). Whatever symptoms the original substance causes will be the symptoms the remedy will reverse. In our example, bee venom becomes the homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica which is used for any itchy, red, swollen, painful bite or injury- regardless of what caused the itchy, red, swollen, painful bite or injury.

Homeopathic remedies are numerous as they can be made from many different things: plants, trees, minerals, and animals (like our Apis example).

Homeopathic remedies are very sensitive & are used differently than herbs. They are usually colorless, clear liquids or little white pellets and tablets. They should only be given directly in the mouth or in water. If the homeopathic remedy is given at the same time as anything else its energy is overwhelmed & becomes significantly less effective or not effective at all.

Flower Essences are similar to homeopathic remedies but not quite the same. Flower Essences are created by allowing flowers or trees to imprint on water by filtering sunlight. They are used for emotional symptoms chiefly.

Azmira Holistic Animal Care's Flower Essences are then made into homeopathic remedies which allow them to work on deeper energy levels (which is why our Flower Remedies can be used for deeper emotional issues rather than just present emotional issues).

Homeopathic remedies are helpful in assisting the body use herbals by stimulating the body so that it is ready to use the herbs as they are consumed.

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