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Cushings Disease

By Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D.

Chris asks Dr. Newman

I have a 13 year old dog with Cushings. She has very high liver values and an enlarged liver also. I have been giving her milk thistle and E-tea for her immune system. Her ACTH test was 14.8. Do you have any experience with Cushings? My dog is on Lysodren. I think my dogs are getting bored with the dry food I am feeding, so I am going to start putting cooked hamburger on it. I was giving them chicken and rice. I didn't know rice was no good for them and chicken weak but they liked it. Thank you for your great column and I hope you can recommend a vet.


Sorry to hear about your dog with Cushings. Unfortunately, do not have a referral to give you in the Vegas area but, I can certainly help your dog!

Yes, I am very familiar with the condition, so much so, that I created a formula of standerdized herbal extracts to help support adrenal gland function. My company, Azmira Holistic Animal Care, has manufactured this product, Stress & Adrenal Plex, which has been clinically proven to help reverse adrenal malfunction and restore integrity to the gland when used in combination with the proper nutrients needed for a curative response. Unfortunately, you will never find only one product that does ALL for EVERY pet... so we take a systematic approach to help each individual pet.

This is the reason I am successful in reversing Cushings and other conditions - my Holistic Animal Care Lifestyle approach of detoxifying the body (I recommend Newton's Homeopathic Detoxifier #1), cleaning up the diet and then supplementing the pet's own natural curative abilities.

First, your dog needs the basic nutrients all living beings need to thrive, but which can be difficult to get fully from food alone (even a great diet such as Azmira's can't be "therapeutically correct" for all pets), so we start with a basic, clean diet as a "base" and build therapeutic levels of nutrients for healing through a multiple Mega Pet Daily, increasing vitamin C through Super C2000 and providing nutritional sulphur (great for glandular function as weill as anticarcinogenic, antibacterial and antiparasitic) through Garlic Daily Aid. These nutrients help "fuel" the curative response that is triggered by the herbal formula I mentioned: Stress & Adrenal Plex.

The basic protocol has minimized, and even reversed, adrenal gland malfunction in the majority of pets, most notable within a few months. Others, with more severe issues, require additional herbal or homeopathic support. We have studied dogs living into old age, with wellness rather than just symptom suppression, years after being diagnosed and almost dying from drug toxicity during initial treatments. This is the beauty of the lifestyle approach and the confidence in Azmira's potential. If the pet does not respond as is "average" then it gives us more information regarding the underlying weaknesses still present that is interfering with the pet's ability to heal itself. We can then work with other ingredients AS NEEDED to help improve these specific needs - instead of taking the "shotgun" approach of changing from one thing to another until something seems to hit!...

We do recommend that you find an open-minded vet to support you with clinical observations and diagnostic tests to assure that you are on the right track. I would be glad to consult a local vet if they wish to contact me, unfortunately, I do not have the time to consult individual owners, such as yourself any more... which is why I now have the support center staff I have trained to help you.

Thank you for the kind words regarding my article and I wish you all the best.

Dr. Newman

Dr. Newman holds a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Doctor of Philosophy (in Holistic Nutrition). She is President of the International Natural Pet Care Association, author of eight books, and owner of her own brand of pet products, Azmira Holisic Animal Care is internationally reknowned.

This article is from page 15 of The Vegas Dog publication Las Vegas, Nevada

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