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Kidney and Bladder Organ Failure

By Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D.

Two of the most common preventable diseases found in our pets today are kidney and bladder organ failure. Veterinarians have concluded that several dietary and environmental factors play a large role in the development of crystals, stones, chronic infections and actual organ failure.

A diet of fresh, high quality ingredients and Azmira's recommended daily nutritional supplements can help repair and maintain a strong, healthy urinary tract and clean system. Regardless of history, your male cat's blockages or your female dog's spay-related incontinence may be the issue, the body has the ablility to rebalance itself and reverse damage. By implementing Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care Lifestyle (Mega Pet Daily, Garlic Daily Aid, Super C2000), in addition to clinical diagnosis and proper veterinary care, can quickly bring your pet the necessary dietary nutrients to support Urinary Tract Health and reverse weak urinary function.

It must be noted that urinary blockages can be deadly. Therefore, you must be sure to make your veterinarian aware of your pet's chronic conditions and seek clinical examinations and therapy when required. Azmira's supplements and dietary recommendations are not to be used in lieu of, but as a support to such necessary veterinary care.

Beware of specialty kidney diets. These artificially maintain pH but often at the expense of other nutritional needs, organ systems and health.

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