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What is The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle?

By Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D.

A Systematic approach of applying the natural pet diets and remedies, to stimulate the body's ability to reverse symptoms. Based on twenty years of research by Dr. Newman and the successful clinical applications of specific products, now the award winning Azmira Animal Nutrition line.

Step 1:The Pet's diet is changed to preservative and by-product-free Azmira foods, which are laboratory tested to assure nutrient content and freshness. This eliminates many ingredients veterinarians now recognize can create disease and allergies. 50% respond to this alone.

Step 2: The Daily diet is supplemented with foundation nutrients, according to each individual pet's needs. These nutrients are needed to "fuel" curative responses necessary for proper symptom reversal and life long disease prevention. 80% of all symptoms will respond!

Mega Pet Daily provides the majority of nutrients, in the proper dosage, for immune function and wellness.

Super C2000 provides therapeutic doses of vitamin C needed for immune response, bone, cell and tissue repair.

Garlic Daily Aid stimulates proper digestion and colon function, is anti-carcinogenic, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral, while proving vital sulphur for cellular wellness.

Step 3: Dr. Newman also recommends "homeopathic detoxification," a daily dose for two weeks initially and then once a week for maintenance, to help the body process stored toxins and improve assimilation of nutrients.

One or two "symptom specific" remedies, such as Yucca Intensive or Aller'G Free, can be used immediately to address more acute, serious symptoms while the body has time to detoxify and strengthen on the foundation supplements and dietary improvements.

Step 4: After six to eight weeks (time needed for the body to respond by building new, healthier cells), specific weakness will be more notable and can be addressed by specific remedies.

Since we know what is to be expected from Dr. Newman's protocols and Azmira products - when a pet fails to respond as the majority have before, we know that deeper weakness is still involved and interfering in the body's process of self-healing - additional supplementation can be targeted as needed.

This eliminates the "shotgun approach" of jumping from one product to another with little success and little understanding of what is really working or not!

Step 5: Once symptoms have been reversed for a month or more, you can return to the foundation supplements and diet only, for maintenance. In times of stress, certain products can be added, as preventative care, if needed.

Want to have a more complete understanding of the Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle please refer to Dr. Lisa S. Newman's ninth book on natural pet care žThree Simple Steps to Healthy PetsÓ which includes information about:

Preventative health, dental and behavioral care

Proper nutrition, supplementation and diet


A - Z symptom reversal guide that covers over 800 topics.

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