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Quit Spinning & Stop the Allergies!

By: Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D.

Allergies getting worse every season? Not ëgrowing outí of them? Allergies appearing with no apparent cause? Canít switch foods or medications fast enough to stop the litany of symptoms?

If you have tried all the symptom suppressors and are ready to finally STOP the allergy cycle, consider my LifeStyleÆ approach. Using a simple, concentrated and cost effective regimen of daily nutritional supplementation along with supportive herbal and homeopathic remedies has been very successful, even for complex, severe and chronic allergy reactions.

At its root, an ëallergyí is the immune system trying to remove an irritant from the body. It doesnít matter if the irritant is air-borne, food related or seasonal. Allergic reactions occur when the body canít handle exposure to an irritant. Instead of trying to eliminate the irritant, which may be impossible, (and only leads to the development of ënewí sensitivities anyway), the LifeStyleÆ approach helps the body to clean house, rebuild stronger than before and prepare defenses before the next attack!

Stop spinning; start getting reliable, repeatable results!

Homeopathically detoxify the body with Azmira Dítoxifier. Toxins build up in the body as a normal part of living. Allergic reactions stem from over exposure to irritants. An overloaded eliminatory system canít process waste effectively nor can it use nutrients efficiently to regenerate healthy cells.

Feed a clean diet, eliminating chemicals and by-products which not only introduce irritants into the body but also lead to increased production of waste and toxins. Commercial foods are loaded with preservatives, colorants and chemicals which inhibit proper assimilation of nutrients. Further, these additives often bind with perfectly fine components to produce a ëfalseí allergy. The most common example I have run into are dogs tested for a beef allergy, which, when fed a high quality beef food do fine; symptom free. It isnít the beef - it is the common beef preservatives and plasticizers which bring on the allergic reaction!

Daily supplementation with Mega Pet Daily (overall support stimulates the immune system and promotes tissue repair), Super C 2000 (increases resistance to allergens), and Garlic Daily Aid (to eliminate toxins and promote general health). I must stress that this regimen is DAILY! Often those suffering seasonal allergies stop the supplementation as the climate changes. Sadly, they enter the next season at a deficit that is nearly impossible to overcome quickly. Also consider that once a body has exhibited allergy symptoms it is telling you that it is prone to being overwhelmed by other irritants. By giving the body building blocks to remake stronger cells and increase the vital life force, you are helping stave off the next attack of allergens!

Over 80% of those who have tried my LifeStyleÆ approach, and stuck with it, have found their allergy cycle comes to a screeching halt. However, just as each individual has a unique tolerance for allergens, there are cases which require deeper support. Also, some symptoms are just so irritating and distracting that a little symptom specific help is needed and you may consider:

ï Steroids are the general recommendation for inflammation and general allergy symptoms. Yucca Intensive is a natural steroid alternative which gives great results to all sorts of symptoms without the side-effects and long term use issues.

ï AlleríG Free is the herbal alternative to anti-histamines such as BenadrylÆ. Reduce itching, sneezing, coughing and wheezing with Mother Natureís own remedies.

ï Gí Drops supply the immediate relief that homeopathic remedies are renowned for. Stimulate the bodyís ability to fight common allergy symptoms while the herbal formulas go to work.

ï Hot spots, pimples, rashes, impacted glands and uncontrollable itching are common symptoms of an overloaded eliminatory system. The skin is the largest eliminatory organ and when allergens and toxins have to find some way out, the results can be painful! Rejuva Spray gives immediate, soothing relief to the skin. The anti-bacterial properties are a bonus for those who have created raw spots or open sores. Safe if licked; this topical is a favorite even AFTER allergy ëseasoní.

If a seasonal sensitivity has been developed, starting the natural allergy regimen six to eight weeks before the season starts can prepare the body for exposure and minimize symptoms.By changing the approach to allergies from a war against the symptoms to a comprehensive adjustment to the LifeStyleÆ, you can stop the allergy cycle.

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