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Giardia: A Parasite's Tale

By: Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D.

Once thought of as only affecting strays or those drinking from puddles, bird baths or dirty buckets, the very common protozoa, Giardia lamblia, has become a worldwide parasite celebrity found even in drinking water! During the last 20 years, Giardia has gained recognition as one of the most common causes of waterborne disease in animals and humans in the United States. Giardia lamblia is a hardy parasite known for its ability to survive outside of a host and to remain in an environment for extended periods of time. Mild to severe intestinal distress resulting in diarrhea, weight loss and dehydration is the most common symptom set.

Chronic infestation can lead to irritable bowel disorders. Traditional care addresses the secondary symptoms fairly well, but often fails to eliminate the protozoa completely prescription drugs are too toxic for long term use. Tragically, this opens the door to re-infestation and the creation of a symptom treating cycle with each re-infestation being more severe as the continually weakened intestinal tract never completely heals.

Due to the wide-spread cases of Giardia, the difficulty in completely eliminating the protozoa and the sometimes deadly intestinal disorders which accompany them, I created an herbal formula to rapidly eliminate this pest. Simply eliminating the source of initial infestation is not enough to reverse things! When combined with my LifeStyle Approach the success of reversing severe cases and strengthening the intestinal tract have been phenomenal.

Giardia & Parasitic Dítox is a standardized extract of organic, wild crafted herbs which I have found controls the spread of infestation as well as eliminates the organism. This occurs through bitter compounds which activate digestive secretions, thus eliminating the parasite and cleaning the blood. This herbal formula can be safely used with irritated colon or severely weakened pets. Repeatedly, customers report they have been battling Giardia for months or even years; because my Giardia & Parasitic DíTox is safe to use long term, I often recommend using it at least 3-6 weeks after all symptoms have disappeared to insure complete eradication of Giardia lamblia.

This herbal formula can also be used preventatively, given for two to six weeks anytime you fear your pet may have been exposed. I have found that pets using my LifeStyleÆ approach have the highest success with this preventive strategy. This is because the body is strong and better able to resist initial infestation compared to those pets which are not properly supplemented to begin with.

Other products which help with secondary symptoms include:

Yucca Intensive ñ a steroid alternative which reduces intestinal inflammation.

DíToxifier ñ a homeopathic remedy which helps remove toxins from the body.

Acidophilus ñ to re-establish intestinal flora needed for proper nutrient absorption.

NaturFiber ñ to control diarrhea and return proper bowel function.

Donít let the urge for simple symptom relief prevent a truly happy ending for your pet!

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