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1 oz.
Price: $15.00

Start the healing process from the deepest level. Azmira's D'Toxifier process benefits prevention and reversal of acute or chronic symptoms by reducing toxic waste in the body which is the cause of disease. D'Toxifier stimulates the urinary tract and liver function, reduces uric acid, and regulates anal glands. This homeopathic remedy can be used for relieving temporary symptoms of imbalance including allergies, arthritic discomfort, urinary dysfunction, and easing a stressed digestive tract. It also is critical in encouraging the body to use other supplements to their fullest potential! There's no symptom that can't be helped by D'Toxifier!

What Is In It?
Azmira's D'Toxifier includes Arsenicum 10X, Berberis Vulg 10X, Iris 10X, Thuja 10X, Juniperus 3X, Phytolacca 3X, Solidago 3X, and Taraxacum 3X.

How To Use It
Use just a few drops at bedtime for an initial two weeks than once a week for maintenance.


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