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Milk Thistle Extract
100 caps
Price: $33.00

Azmira's Milk Thistle Extract helps the liver detoxify during drug therapy. Silymarin, its active compound, has been clinically proven to stimulate the regenerative properties of the liver and is a beneficial addition to Immuno Stim'R during chronic care protocols. Milk Thistle is most commonly indicated for dogs with liver or kidney damage as it protects the liver from circulating toxins from chemicals, surgical procedures and drugs.

What Is In It?
Each capsule contains 175 mg. of milk thistle and 140 mg. of pure silymarin extract with bioflavinoids.

How To Use It
Dogs and cats use up to 1 capsule per 25 lbs. of body weight per day. Horses use 4 - 6 capsules per day. This recommendation can be doubled if under heavy stress. Milk Thistle is safe to use long-term, in high doses, in severely debilitated or aged pets.


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